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Yet Another Flappy Jam Entry

Flapping in from across the Atlantic, it's Flappy Gull!

Really, you want more of a description than this? Seriously? It was made in like 3 hours to alleviate an itch. You know, like when you get a song stuck in your head? Sometimes developers get games stuck in their eyeballs and the only way to get rid of the damn thing is to make it and release it to torment someone else.

It features a gull, let's call him Kevin, I don't know why. Kevin is trying to get home, but some crazy fracking developer has built a bunch of pipes on his beautiful beach.

Press Up to flap, avoid dying, it's bad for your health.


Published Feb 23, 2014
Tagsannoying, flappy, flappyjam, game, jam, windows

Install instructions

No installation required, just download and unzip.


FlappyGull.zip 1 MB